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We are dedicated to improving the efficiency of catalytic reactions for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, fine and agro-chemicals. We achieve this through:

  • Continual advancement of catalyst technology
  • Enabling faster, cleaner and more sustainable chemistry
  • Technical engagement to optimise catalytic processes.

Our high technology catalyst offering and trusted expertise are key to accelerating and optimising your reactions. We deliver exceptional product performance, whether it’s an off-the-shelf sample or a fully customised catalyst. Our manufacturing facilities in the US, UK, India and China ensure consistent catalyst supply, regardless of where your process is brought to scale.

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Catalytic Services We offer a range of catalytic services to support customers throughout the development, scale-up and commercial implementation stages of a project. We focus on delivering solutions that reduce cost, process steps and waste while maximizing the performance of your reactions. Our services include:

  • Catalyst screening
  • Increased catalyst performance
  • Process optimisation
  • Scale-up
  • Efficient technology transfer.

Catalytic Reaction Guide The Catalytic Reaction Guide (CRG) is a free tool designed to provide you with access to catalyst recommendations on over 150 reactions in the area of homogeneous, heterogeneous and asymmetric catalysis.

Precious Metal Refining

Our Refining services offer the most comprehensive and advanced precious metal refining facilities around the world, along with complete guidance every step of the way. We provide expert advice throughout the process, from initial material analysis to comprehensive metal management services. We have the technology, experience and reputation to refine all Platinum Group Metals from varied feeds. To learn more, please visit

Advanced Ion Exchange

Johnson Matthey supplies scavengers for metal removal from:

  • Reaction intermediates and final APIs to allow regulatory compliance
  • Waste streams to comply with discharge limits or for recovery of metal values

These scavengers are available on silica, polymer resins or fibre supports with functionalities including mercapto and strong and weak amines and acids. To learn more, please visit

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