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We have spent 200 years building an extensive range of controlled substances and opioids. Our heritage includes Macfarlan Smith Ltd, based in Edinburgh, UK, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of opiate alkaloids. We have further facilities in Annan, Scotland, and also have US-based facilities in West Deptford, NJ, and Conshohocken, PA. Additionally, we specialise in other areas such as cannabinoids and synthetic stimulants and our products are extensively used in therapeutic classes including analgesia, CNS disorders and anti-addiction treatments. All of our facilities operate to the highest level of cGMP standards and we provide our customers with outstanding levels of service.

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Poppy Growing
In April 2006, Johnson Matthey acquired the only UK poppy growing business, followed by expansion of our growing operation into Portugal. We can now manage our morphine supply from both UK and Portuguese soil, giving a geographical spread, thereby increasing our security of supply. Our supply chain is further protected by having long established relationships with the best narcotic raw material suppliers in the industry. We manage the agronomy, harvesting and initial processing of our crops using specialist equipment and all crops are authorised by the relative authorities. Our growers are selected for their professionalism, location and soil type, as a high level of attention to detail is required at all times to ensure successful production.
Extractive Technologies

We have been isolating and purifying APIs from natural products for over two hundred years. Our wide range of expertise in natural product extraction allows for the provision of commercially viable alternatives to synthetic routes.

These facilities are also available for the extraction of customers’ own natural raw materials and the production of alkaloids and other active principles not included in our product list. We are able to offer extractive technologies through our cutting-edge aqueous, solvent and continuous solvent extraction methods.

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