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API Facilities

Johnson Matthey has an expanding range of API facilities dedicated to providing high containment services for your speciality chemicals development. Through collaborative expertise we can provide you with a range of high potency products and services, helping you to solve your most complex chemistry problems.

Our high containment facilities are operated to the highest standards of cGMP to satisfy both the EU and FDA requirements. Additionally, the high standard of training received by our staff ensures safety while developing your process by employing robust containment and isolation techniques.

We are capable of conducting a variety of chemical transformations, speciality separations and catalysis with highly potent APIs, and can produce materials to SafeBridge® Category 4.

Our facilities are designed to handle production cycles from raw materials through to packaging and dispatch of chemical products, with a number of purpose-built kilo labs and small-scale manufacturing suites for the production of potent APIs, including dedicated drying and milling capabilities. Larger scale facilities include self-contained manufacturing suites with glass-lined and hastelloy reactors up to 2000 litres.

We are the world’s largest producer of bulk opiates, providing over 83 countries with the most extensive range of products, including codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, fentanyls and buprenorphine, amongst others. We can also provide pilot-scale extraction of natural products to produce developmental and clinical trial material.

Johnson Matthey is committed to operating sustainable processes, therefore all of our facilities follow full compliance with local and national environmental regulations, contributing to our corporate 2017 Sustainability goals.