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Johnson Matthey PLC is a speciality chemicals company and world leader in advanced materials technology.

At Johnson Matthey, collaboration is key when applying expertise in advanced materials and technology in order to innovate and improve solutions that:

  • Are valued by customers
  • Optimise the use of natural resources
  • Enhance the quality of life for the people of the world, both for today and the future.

Johnson Matthey was established in 1817 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 index. The company operates globally across 6 continents, in over 30 countries with over 10,000 employees, and focuses on core divisions in precious metals, fine chemicals, emission control technology, process technology and new businesses.

The company’s principal activities are the manufacture of technologies for chemical processes, fine chemicals, chemical catalysts and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and the marketing, refining and fabrication of precious metals.

Rigorous in its own environmental policies, many of Johnson Matthey’s products and technologies have a major beneficial impact on the environment and enhance the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. The company focuses on clean air, clean energy and low carbon technologies and has expertise in the application and recycling of precious metals. To find out more about Johnson Matthey’s sustainability strategy visit:

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