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QuadraSil™ MP (I)

Irregular Silica for Metal Impurity Removal

JM’s QuadraSil™ range of silica based scavengers, are comprised of both spherical and non-spherical silica beads for metal impurity removal from both process and API streams. Features Include:
  • High surface areas – optimising scavenging potential
    • Fast kinetics for metal uptake
  • Excellent performance at room temperature
    • Reduces utility and operational costs
    • Allows use in temperature restricted systems
  • Selective metal uptake
    • Minimal impact on yield
  • Wide solvent compatibility range
  • Easily packed into a cartridge
    • Zero swell - simplifies engineering of cartridge system to optimise scavenging performance
    • Allows use in potent systems where containment is critical
PSD Functional group Mode of action Impurity targets
QuadraSil MP (I) Irregular 75 - 210μm Mercapto Complexation/ligand exchange Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Cu
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