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Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals provides high quality, value-adding products and services, meeting the highest standards for companies developing pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and other fine and speciality chemicals.

Our division collaborates across a global network, drawing on 200 years of experience and unrivalled expertise that ensures all of your fine chemical needs are not just met, but surpassed. We’re focused on delivering expert solutions for all your complex chemistry requirements, strengthening your products and getting them to market more efficiently.
Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals
Differentiating technologies

We have over 200 years of experience in solving complex chemistry problems in order to advance product development and accelerate innovative processes. Our specialist technologies and capabilities provide a substantial toolkit for diverse complex chemistries, including:

Global supply

Our network of state-of-the-art R&D, kilo lab, pilot scale and large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing and catalyst production facilities spans Europe, North America and Asia. Our European sites include large-scale GMP manufacturing in Edinburgh and Annan, UK, as well as a broad range of specialist technologies and chemistry facilities in Cambridge and Royston, UK. Our GMP-compliant plants in West Deptford (New Jersey), Conshohocken (Pennsylvania), Devens (Massachusetts) and North Andover (Massachusetts) in the US serve the full range of needs, from early development through to scale-up and full-scale manufacturing, in addition to catalyst manufacturing facilities in West Deptford. Yantai in China provides non-GMP starting materials. Taloja, India and Shanghai, China are centres for catalyst manufacture in Asia.

For more details see our Facilities Page.