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Drug Development

We provide partnerships for your drug development.

Through our APIs & Life Cycle Management offering we provide collaborative partnerships for the development and commercialisation of drug products, extending beyond the traditional Johnson Matthey active pharmaceuticals service.

Our flexible commercial models allow us to co-develop and co-invest in generic and innovator drug products. Part of our partnership strategy is to invest further in our internal API portfolio.

Beyond complete API support, Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals acts initially as a ‘general contractor’ using sub-contractors to develop and manufacture drug products. As a future option there is the choice to selectively acquire or build on these capabilities as the business evolves. To prevent conflict, we do not distribute or market the drug product; instead we enable our partners to launch their products as fast and efficiently as possible.

We provide a platform for enhanced product execution through our expert, internal API R&D and manufacturing capabilities across the Fine Chemicals division. Our formulation consultants apply their wide-ranging expertise to enhance our partners’ capabilities.

Working in partnership with the Fine Chemicals network enables expansion of drug product dose ranges and creation of a broad portfolio of products. Aligning with a global manufacturer of APIs means that marketing partners can be more competitive, because access to our niche APIs is not typically available to the merchant market. Ultimately, partnering on investment and sharing developmental risks means that more product opportunities can be explored and pursued.

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