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Advanced Coupling Kit

This kit offers a collection of our most effective catalysts designed for challenging C-C coupling reactions, using sterically hindered substrates, aryl chlorides and electron rich substrates.
Catalogue# CAS Description Structure
Pd-118 A402028-10 QPhos Pd(crotyl) Cl
Pd-122 34409-44-4 PdCl2 [P(tBu)2Ph]2
Pd-127 917511-90-1 PdCl2 (dcypf)
Pd-132 887919-35-9 PdCl2 (AmPhos)2
Pd-134 205319-10-4 PdCl2 (XantPhos)
Pd-146 72287-26-4 PPdCl2 (dppf) Solvent Free
Pd-152 1252598-33-6 QPhos Pd(crotyl) Cl
Pd-158 1235509-04-2 AmPhos Pd(allyl) Cl
Pd-162 1334497-00-5 [P(tBu)3] Pd(crotyl) Cl
Pd-166 104889-13-6 PdCl2 [P(tBu)(Cy)2]2
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